peedee, SEE!

hahahahaha, i'm actually so funny. in fact, its not even funny how funny i am... yeah ok, i'll stop.

so karl cramp is finally starting.. about time too. round 1 was meant to be completed by may 14 and round 2 june 4th. to add insult to injury, our adjudicator decided to jet off to london. on the upside, at least our first debate is before the due date of the last round-robin one although i'd say we're pushing our luck a little. maybe we win our round 1 debate by default. that would kind of be nice.

it sucks that our first debate is on tuesday though. it's world refugee day and high's amnesty and our amnesty and our islamic associations are having a soccer/bbq thing. soccer because of the world cup and bbq because... well, no event is complete without a bbq. \end sarcasm

the debate does however, mean i miss the extended lunch. AND i'll finish just in time for a maths test eugh. yeah, life pretty much doesn't get any better. debating, no lunch AND a maths test. oh, and staying back for some mock trial lovin'.whoo! fun.

on a non whingey note, i had a conversation the other day with a person about ROCKS. and no, not because they were some crazy cool geologist. i had a conversation about rocks with this person because we had nothing else to say.. ah, life is kind. it also helped me realise that we actually change so much in such short spaces of time. i kind of love it?

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