junior lyf

Being mature.

just another day learning

Get some of your own 'swagger jagger'.

Amazing $5 pasta by Mimmo.

Poorly taken selfie.

busy bees

Life is being incredibly stressful and things are soon about to get extremely hectic (and I mean this in the literal - not hectik - way) as trials are about a week away. I, being myself, have not studied yet though I have every intention of starting straight after this post and another post on my old blog, creatively titled: louise has a blog.

Our school had a talent quest today and I went in with the full intention of reading (and highlighting) some sheets for english. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised by all the acts and I'm pretty sure it was well worth my $2.50. The winner was truly amazing. A year 7 girl with some incredible hula hooping (it was more than just a single hula hoop around the waist) skill. Of course, I didn't have a camera with me and thus, have just one photo to share.

Closing performance.

adventures out west

I love spontaneity. Spontaneous decisions lead to amazing adventures, adventures like the one I took with a friend after our last assessment task (not ever, but last in that block). We had initially planned to go revitalise our inner children and catch a ferry to Luna Park but as is life, it was closed and we were stumped as to what to do. Eventually we left school, deciding that we'd choose something on the bus - and we did. Katoomba. A gorgeous little sleepy town nestled some two hours and 110km away in the Blue Mountains.

We bought deliriously unhealthy food and stumbled onto the train just as it was about to leave, the two hour journey not nearly as long as what we imagined it to be. Like excited little children, we took excessive photos in a vain attempt to try to document our travels but for the fact we only had two phones, one of which (the one with the better camera, as it happens) was on the brink of powerlessness. When we stepped off the train, we were reminded instantly of how far away from Sydney we were, the temperature freezing and the clouds so low that we were literally walking in them though of course, we were also quite high up as Katoomba has an elevation of 1017m. Eventually we found our way and ambled down Katoomba St, exploring all the shops and discovering an amazing vintage store with incredible t-bars (they weren't my size, though they were my friend's) and wedding dresses and hats and antique and rare books.

We were more than a little pressed for time, and ended up sprinting unnecessarily back to the station to make the train back home, tea buns and waffles with ice cream in hand, arriving with 9 minutes spare.

Sydney might be great, most of the time, but adventures like these are always better.

I had a little fun with the editing.

winter is the best season

All of the times I've found myself wanting to take a photo, I've never had my camera with me which is why I've been taking an increasing number photos on my phone. Thankfully, the camera isn't too shabby and so the photos turn our alright - for a phone camera, at least. These are just a few happy snaps which show just how much I've been procrastinating, even though assessments start on Monday.
Also, HAPPY WINTER, everyone! It's finally my favourite season and I'm very excited to start drinking an excessive amount of coffee (I broke my addiction) and wearing too many layers! My ASOS order came in yesterday, just in time too! I now have a gorgeous new pair of Hudson boots and a fantastically warm wool hat. Here's to hoping you embrace the season!


friends and democracy

i know i haven't posted in an inordinately long time but nothing too exciting has been happening and my camera has been taking a bit of a holiday. all of these photos except the last were taken on may 9th on my friend jem's dslr (it's my favourite camera ever because it's bright orange) before q&a, an australian show that sells itself as 'democracy in action. democracy is fun'.

unicef's oral rehydration day; i have silly friends

growing up

i recently turned 17 and forgot to take pictures

(500) days of school

i meant to post a lot of these photos a loooong time ago but as per usual, i never got around to it. i'm currently on a 5 day exam break which is why i'm posting during assessments. i know i should be using them 'wisely' but blogging's kind of like english so.. let's just roll with it.

i titled this post (500) days of school because (surprise, surprise!) i watched (500) days of summer the other day and i've been considering using it as my second textual dynamics (extension 1 english) related text and also because school just seems to be endless, hence the (500) days.

most of these photos are from just one day but i threw in a photo from our last ever swimming carnival because it makes me happy and they're lovely people whom i love. i'm lucky to have such amazingly photogenic friends (and have friends who have amazing cameras).

photo credit goes to jem the super talented

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