1. I replied to your comment in my comment box but i figured you might not come back to check because i replied so late. woops.

    "wow, airports make me hurl. well not really. i generally hurl on the plane then hurl some more when we touch down. that's probably where my irrational fear of airports come from.

    hmmm my words of wisdom (not that i have any) would be: check to see if you are having a sticky shutter problem like me!!!! I didn't realise tilll 4 rolls down the track. i thought i was making all the mistakes but really my shutter was spazzing out and opening for too long.

    but anyway, i basically use 400 speed film (i should use 200 because 400 is so grainy for me) wack the shutter to 125 and keep the f stop anywhere between 1.8 and 8, depending on how sunny/dark it is. i used the shutter speed of 250 when it was super sunny but 125 seems to handle most situations pretty well. the lowest i went with shutter speeds was 90, at that was when i was outside and it was night time.

    all of the above was learned my friends aimee ( and morganna ( they are soooo so much more experienced and knowledgeable about cameras.

    but basically you should wikipedia the hell out of everything. wiki is goooooood."

    also, ross wins at life. he is so adorable as the giraffe in madagascar as well!

  2. I actually saw your reply comment! But I've just been lazy and haven't replied to your reply yet. I also replied to your comment about my little political rant but I suspect I too, replied too late.

  3. love it! GOTTA LOVE "F-R-I-E-N-D-S!" :)


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