(500) days of school

i meant to post a lot of these photos a loooong time ago but as per usual, i never got around to it. i'm currently on a 5 day exam break which is why i'm posting during assessments. i know i should be using them 'wisely' but blogging's kind of like english so.. let's just roll with it.

i titled this post (500) days of school because (surprise, surprise!) i watched (500) days of summer the other day and i've been considering using it as my second textual dynamics (extension 1 english) related text and also because school just seems to be endless, hence the (500) days.

most of these photos are from just one day but i threw in a photo from our last ever swimming carnival because it makes me happy and they're lovely people whom i love. i'm lucky to have such amazingly photogenic friends (and have friends who have amazing cameras).

photo credit goes to jem the super talented

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