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I visited Hong Kong last summer with a friend in between formals and various graduation rituals and it has very quickly established itself as sort of definitely my favourite place ever. Sure, it's easy to say that because I haven't exactly trotted the globe (soon to be rectified - I’m heading to Europe for another summer adventure), but it has excellent food and shopping - pretty much the only things I look for when I’m away from home. Only half kidding too.

The energy of the city is undeniably cosmopolitan. Pedestrians all have purpose and it’s one of those places where it would be easy to claim that you feel all alone even though a million surround. But that’s the charm of the city I think - that you can find solitude. A late night stroll by the (very beautiful and brightly lit) harbour, or a chance encounter with an empty emerging designers store.

The photos aren't quite as good as I had hoped but that's just what happens when you're trying desperately to keep up with the pace of the pedestrians, not get squashed, and simultaneously take photos too.

Even now, a good nine months after my trip, I’m still intent on going back and hopefully someday getting the opportunity to actually live and work there. Although I’m reliably informed real estate there is off the charts...

These bamboo structures were amazing. I was super accustomed to seeing steel structures in Sydney, but apparently these nifty poles do the trick.

School girls sharing some street food - a staple there.

Fruit vendor in Mong Kok market

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