everything is disposable except your memories

While on holiday in Turkey from our extended holiday living in Poland, Sarah and I each purchased a disposable camera on a whim from a tourist shop in Istanbul. These are some of the moments immortalised.

Photo guide:
1* This is living / 2* Farewells and MAC kisses / 3* Trying our hand at cocktail making, a Polish Brazilian feijoada shindig / 4* Four baklava samples at a dessert house in Istanbul / 5* Morning bus and snack crew / 6* It's cold out, but not in the hot springs of Pammukale / 7* Making and lamingtons on Australia Day, failing miserably and having a laugh along the way / 8* Faves of Favela / 9* The in before a night out / 10* All smiles always from Wiola (right) / 11* Vicky and Christine during group mediation

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